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Why use SES suction excavators?

Our suction excavators have been designed to offer the best technical and safest solutions available, and benefit from some of the following features.

 DV Fan Assembly


Our suction excavators use the latest RSP DV fan technology which exhibits outstanding performance characteristics, excellent running capacities and incorporates many health and safety benefits;

  • Reduced sound levels of fan assembly and air outlet silencer for minimal effect on the environment.
  • Improved running efficiencies, reducing fuel consumption
  • Internal cooling system for lower running temperatures
  • Fully automatic central lubrication system for reduced service intervals
  • Slam shut safety valve (Reduces negative pressure at suction hose instantly in the event of an emergency)


compressorCompressor capacity 4.5 m³/min, 7.5 bar. This is the largest compressor available in its range enabling several tools to be operated at the same time.

The on board compressor enables us to loosen the ground with specialised air tooling when required. 2 x 8m compressed air hoses are fitted on retractable hose reels at the rear of the vehicle for operate ease. This reduces set-up time and reduces the Health and Safety risk of slips, trips and falls onsite as only the amount of hose required needs to be deployed.

Additional safety features

  • Insulated suction basket and suction nozzles for increased safety whilst excavating.
  • Insulated air tooling for operator protection
  • 5 x Large Emergency Stop buttons strategically placed around the vehicle to shutdown the Engine and Suction Fans in the event of an emergency
  • Red Forge axle weighing system that automatically stops the suction fans when the vehicle reaches gross vehicle weight.Red beacon to alert the operator when the vehicle is at gross vehicle weight and also when the container is discharging for public awareness.
  • Remote control storage sensor in cab with visual and audible warning
  • Arm and boom transport position sensors with visual and audible warning
  • Stabiliser leg transport position sensor with visual and audible warning
  • 12Kg Powder Fire Extinguisher
  • 2 x Twin Orange xenon beacons on rear of Suction Excavator
  • High-powered spotlights for safe night working.
  • 200ltr Water system for washing down requirements on site
  • 110V Inverter supplying 2 x sockets at the rear of the Suction Excavator for onsite works
  • TAG Safety restraint system. This allows the operator to work safely on top of the container lid promoting safer working practices
  • Anti-slip paint used on all walking surfaces on top container lid
  • Additional grab handles for 3 point access to rear ladder
  • Lockable rear ladder cover
  • Heated hand wash system including soap dispenser and eye wash system for operator welfare
  • Comprehensive set of health & safety warning signs