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EUSR Suction Excavator Operator Training

Suction Excavator Solutions (SES) is an innovative company providing new technologies and solutions in the Suction Excavator market on the R.S.P range and has now expanded to offer training to potential Suction Excavator Operators. Our training course has been approved by EUSR and we are now an EUSR Gold Standard approved training centre. We, at Suction Excavator Solutions, pride ourselves on reliability, flexibility and customer satisfaction.


Our staff have a wealth of product knowledge and experience since introducing the first suction excavator in the UK in 2006. We also are exclusive in the sense that our staff have worked with Suction Excavators on sites for many years, meaning they have experience of how the Suction Excavators work with different ground conditions and on a number of different applications. This experience enables us to provide the best solution to suit all our customers’ requirements. Our customer support and trainers are always on hand to offer the best knowledge and advice available within the industry.