Industrial High Pressure Cleaning

Environmental, Removal

Our specialist cleaning systems are utilised in very harsh environments where traditional road sweepers are ineffective.

Extremely high pressure water jets are used to blast and clean the surface. The suction system will transport all the debris and water into the holding tank leaving a clean and dry surface.

  • High pressure cleaning

“We used the Suction Excavator Solutions team to form service pits to 2 metres and thus we can be confident of avoiding any service damage in a sensitive and very tight location. Lloyd and his team provided us with a great and professional service which was delivered on time and on cost. We will be using them again in the future.”

“I have spoken to my operators on the contract and they are really singing the guys praises also when I spoke to them yesterday they both seemed very professional in their manner which is great and makes our lives so much easier, if you could give them a pat on the back please.”

“Really appreciate your support today and helping one of our contracts in their time of need. You have done me proud, thank you and well done.”

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