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About us

We offer bespoke suction excavator solutions to suit your needs, drawing on a wealth of experience and expertise in the utility and construction sector.

What we’re about

Suction Excavator Solutions (SES) is an innovative company providing new technologies and solutions in the Suction Excavator hire market. We at Suction Excavator Solutions pride ourselves on reliability, flexibility and customer satisfaction.

Our staff have a wealth of product knowledge and experience since introducing the first suction excavator in the UK in 2006. This experience enables us to provide the best solution to suit all our customers’ requirements. Our customer support division is always on hand to offer the best knowledge and advice available within the industry to suit your application.

Suction Excavator Solutions provides a tailored service to suit your individual requirements, from short term spot hires to long term contract hires 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our Director – Lloyd Gardener

Lloyd has a rich background in engineering and is a fully trained, vastly experienced electro-mechanical engineer. His mechanical training and apprenticeship certification was completed at Rolls Royce PLC, followed by a National Certificate in electrical and electronic engineering. Over the last five years Lloyd has specialised in Suction Excavator technology, introducing it to the UK market. Lloyd spent several years as the Suction Excavator Operations Manager for the UK sales agency and as such has worked very closely with the manufacturer RSP in Germany, improving the product and developing new innovative solutions for suction excavation technology. Lloyd is extremely experienced in suction excavation and can offer valuable insight into the benefits of its use. Under Lloyd’s direction, Suction Excavator Solutions offers our customers excellent customer service, exceptional knowledge of the product, and the safest excavation solution.

Our staff

Our senior management team are experts in customer service, have excellent project management skills and are totally focused on providing you with a personalised solution.

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